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Even if you are not feeling well right now, I hope you had a chance to see my website and get a flavor of what I can offer you.

Now let me tell you how you can afford to join my program at a fraction of the cost of your current lifestyle. In fact you will save money on day ONE to a degree that you never thought possible even if you are not working right now.

Imagine a life for yourself where you no longer have to to beg, borrow, sell your possessions, hurt your loved ones, damage your self esteem, and even steal to satisfy your habit. I want you to stop having to look over your shoulders under constant threat of arrest and embarrassment.

As the Medical Director for the Road to Recovery Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program at the Anne Arundel County Correctional Center, I witnessed just what it takes to become a functioning and productive member of society again even under the most difficult of circumstances.

To start, I will make it perfectly clear that I want to show you REAL transparency. I understand that you may have lost all of your possessions including your money, your house or apartment, your car, your spouse, your family, your friends and your job, and things might look very bleak right now.

Just remember that all these challenges are only temporary. Working together, we can start rebuilding a BRAND NEW life, providing you WANT to stop using and get better.

Whether you have insurance or not, let me show you the immediate cost savings by getting into a legitimate pharmaceutical and counseling program with buprenorphine (commonly called Suboxone or Zubsolv which are brand names) or methadone. Generally Suboxone or Zubsolv is used for milder drug dependence but not always. They both can even relieve physical pain as well.

Let’s do some quick math

If you are spending only $50/day on illicit drugs off the street it’s easily costing you over $18,000/year.

A $100/day habit =$36,500
A $200/day habit= $73,000
A $300/day habit=$110,000
A $400/day habit=$146,000
A $500/day habit=$182,000

If you smoke 1 pack of cigarettes/day at $7/pack, it adds another $2,500/year

The cost of enrolling in a Suboxone or Zubsolv program will be about $2,000/year plus the cost of the medication which is usually covered by insurance including Medical Assistance with prior authorization, that takes usually 1 day.

Pharmacies may even advance you several days of Suboxone or generic buprenorphine until insurance is approved. A $50 discount coupon is available for those paying cash for Suboxone and $75 for those using Zubsolv. These medications are essentially similar in effectiveness.

The company that makes Zubsolv has a coupon that provides the first 15 tablets FREE. Medical Assistance only pays for counseling services and not the doctor visit unless the doctor is their PCP and is seeing the patient for other issues and is licensed and able to prescribe buprenorphine. It is rare to find such a doctor.

So if you are not spending money for illegal drugs every day, you can save yourself as much as $180,000 per YEAR!!!

To get you functioning normally without significant cravings or withdrawal symptoms that initially may have started after overuse or misuse of opiates for recreational use or pain management, it usually takes 3 or 4 visits the first month and then monthly maintenance visits thereafter.

Counseling is always recommended whether it is in an individualized or group session. A free phone counseling, Here to Help program, is also available for suboxone patients. I would highly recommend psychiatric care by psychiatrists or psychiatric social workers or other qualified health care professionals.

I have provided discounted annual packages for long term maintenance for this chronic disorder so relapse does not occur. For those who want to use a monthly injection of another medication to prevent future cravings, it is also available. Recommended length of therapy is at least 6 months and preferably 1-2 years until the mind and body are used to being normal again. Then a slow medically supervised taper over many months is advised so no cravings or withdrawal symptoms recur.

Unfortunately the government has limited the number of patients with opioid dependency that can be treated with buprenorphine by licensed and trained physicians to 30 patients/doctor the first year after licensure is granted and up to 100 patients maximum thereafter.

Availability of open “slots” is severely restricted. With the epidemic of opioid dependency the number of physicians is no where close to the needs of the public. I have at least one or two calls per day requesting immediate evaluation and treatment so those who fail to keep a scheduled appointment prevent others in dire need to get the treatment they need.

For that reason when an opening occurs and you want care ASAP, you can simply come to this website and reserve your appointment to get immediate attention using Paypal or any major credit or debit card (including gift debit cards). For those that want and can afford same day service I will make every effort to accommodate your needs but prepayment is required.

By now, you undoubtedly have a good idea of the kind of doctor I am and of the brand new life free from dependence on opiates that we can start building together. All you have to do to get started is to make an appointment on this site right now or give me a call on my cell phone for a consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you and starting our journey together.

Dr. Gresser

Author: Staff

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